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I don't like Video Games because it's a waste of time.
Sometimes I read manga but I like to have them instead of reading them on screen.
I have many dreams, I want to be better and have people respect.. I'm still looking for Job..
I want to travel foreign countries like Japan and Italy , and to get anime stuffs like Figma or nendoroid and manga or anything related to anime, it makes me extra happy and forget everything that makes me feel down ^_^
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Good bye Naruto shippuden

This was last 479 for Naruto shippuden , I was so late to watch this anime xD
but really I like it so much and I hoping they make eps for Boruto .. do u think they will make it ?
I'm really excited ! .. also I was hoping Sasuke still with them but the town was legally should be in
 prison to atone his sins .. but Kakashi decided to be free a condition that is outside of town
anyway .. next eps it's about Naruto and Hinata <3 .. do u think this ep about marriage ?
I can't wait to see it <3 ... thank u for reading ...
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Naruto the last

Hello guys , I want to say I'm into Naruto now <3 .. yeah I liked this anime but this not mean I will
 leave N >:3 , cuz he is my first love as u know =w= .. anyway this time I'm going to talking about
 Naruto , I watched Naruto the last and I liked this movie and I felt need to know more about naruto
 and hinta and about past naruto , then I watched some episode Naruto Shippuden and I liked
episodes about has Father "Minato"

really it's very said that he gone  I was whish that he keep alive with naruto , I think it's will be
 happy family .. poor naruto , but now naruto is married Hinata and he have now Brouto and
himawari , they are so cute <3

I wish they make episodes about Boruto and Naruto I will be first one watching *w* !!
but .. there something I was Amazed it .. why Naruto married Hinta and he love 
Sakura ??! ..  all the time he was thinking about Sakura , and he wish Sakura is 
has lover , but I see Sakura is stupid girl and cocky , Hinata is lucky girl that
she finally married someone she love him , if her brother was still alive he going
Marriage spoiling LOL

Hahaha that good naruto married Hinata after Nije Died xD .. I don't understand
why Nije hate Naruto ._." .....
ولله عملتها يا ناروتو ويابختك يابت اخدتى واحد تحبيه هههههههههه xD << انقلعي

ok at the end I'm started drawing Naruto x hinata , and I'm thinking to to draw
Minato x Koshina :) .. thank u for reading
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Friday, July 29, 2016

IPhone 5s xD

yaay I can't exposition you how I'm happy that finally I got IPhone 5s ^^ ..
I was thinking many weeks when I can get it and what I should choose it ? 
I was confused I do not want to feel regret .. here some photos


it's was Expensive but I love it .. but its so cute <3 .. I was try to fine
Gold but I couldn't find it also it's Expensive .. I don't know why  ..


At the beginning I was thinking about buying IPhone 6 .. but it's very very Expensive
so I went buy IPhone 5s and I see it good ..There is no difference often
 between 6 and 5s .. also style 5s is better then 6 :)
I promise I will keep it well and I am currently search cover for IPhone
but I can't found good one .. but I will continued to search for good one
thank you for reading :)
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Old movies

hello guys :) ..
well I was feel boring so I went to watching old movies Disney and I watched Tarzan :)
really it's amazing movie and I liked has songs it's amazing and make me feel good <3
and Jean is very funny girl when she involved in the middle of monkeys and she
lost her shoes LOL , same time it's romantic .. it's like someone Lost
in a remote location and there is no one only himself, he believes himself a stranger
and no one like him , even he found someone like him and have heart like him
and she can understand him even in the end Jean she decided to sacrifice
 her future lives in London and stay with someone  has no future or anything
only live in the jungle and battling with wild animals... really it's makes me
feel better and hopefulness and happy ,  i don't know why .. but i hoping that
 something similar happens to me and live a happy life forever hehe xD ...
anyway if you didn't watch it before this movie i advise you to watch it :3
also I'm started to draw Tarzan but i don't think i will post it .. cuz i have
many fans liked anime ( like pokemon - yugioh) so i don't think it's
good idea to post on DA ... i don't know where i should post it X(

well it's first time to draw them .. i and I'm not good drawing cartoons so
i drew them like chibi .. there other drawing i still drawing it ..
i will post it soon when i finish it :)

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Qustions & Answers

hello guys .. ok as I promised you that you going ask me anything about me
then I'm going answer you :) Link .. ok I'm going answer you now :)

hiroyukibenjamin : What do you think a hug with N would feel like? >w<

Me : amm ok I think he will be nice with me a little shy xD , and I will feel very comfortable
and love and compassionx3

YugiohFangirl2 : What art program do you use? How long have you been drawing?
Me : I'm using SAI with Photoshop CS5 , I start drawing when I have 6 years old ..
but I was don't care drawing a lot and began seriously when I have 11-12 years old even now

Tenshineko01 : What do you think of the "New" Pokemon games Sun and Moon? I'm a little
unconvinced at the moment. Not until I hear/see it from Pokemon Direct.
Me : well ,was shocked at the beginning and I thought it's fake news , I'd better to stop making
 new series and should they thinking about to make new story for old series =\ ..clearly there is a new
 characters and different  .. but i'm excited to know more about pokemon sun & moon ..

ComanderSprings : What's your favorite Pokémon?
Me : I love many pokemons xD , I liked Reshiram and pachirisu , Liepard , Zorua , Snivy :)

DeadMaster1317 : When will you update BRS In the World of Reality?
Me : can I run of this Question xD ? .. well I'm really don't know cuz I'm very busy at work ,
but I will try :)

Acethemastergame : Will you continue yugioh 5ds mini comic?
Me : I don't think , I don't any idea anymore =\

X-Ray99 : i sure miss your yugioh 5ds fan arts... say do you watch yugioh arc 5?if yes what are your thoughts about it?
Me : no I don't .. but I'm planning to watch it in future :)

KYUUUREM : Who's your favorite BRS character?
Me : Black rock Shooter :)

finlly I'm done now :) , it's was fun thank you everyone ..
I will open again next week if I have time : )

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Steins Gate 0

hello guys ^_^  ..
I'm fans of Steins Gate .. finally they make new story for Steins Gate and called Steins Gate0 ..
this story different and strange , they add new characters .. like kurisu is died already , and Okabe
lost hope that can save kurisu .. then Suzuha came from future with new girl to save
future that still there wars destroy their city for get a time machine as mentioned in the previous story

at first Okabe thought she is Kurisu .. but she isn't .. she name Shiina Kagari
she came with Suzuha when she little then Shiina Kagari got lost in another time .. even they
found her young girl in Present... I don't know to much about this story ..
but this make me feel excited to see the full story.. this is game PS4 .. I hope
they can make full anime or movie for him x( .. so I wonder can Okabi save
future and back kurius a live again ?!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

happy birthday for me

hello guys !! ..
happy birthday for me xD .. yeah it's to late to post this .. also I didn't post any thing since year I think
really I'm not mod do anything or draw anything .. cuz I feel compressed in my life .. I feel
I'm not pinky that you know :( , I feel like pinky is died , whenever thinking to drawing or post
 something in blogger , I feel like I don't do anything ... I feel I want leave of my life  ..
anyway .. don't care about it , ok my sister gift me many chocolate for my birthday x3 ..
and  all taste of chocolate so wonderful , I feel my stomach is filled xD so I can't eat
all them lol , thank so much my sweety really really I enjoyed it ^_^
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